Giving Thanks

Well dear reader, I hope those of you in the USA had a wonderful, restful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

I often struggle with what to write about when there isn’t much to write about. I mean, there’s plenty, but we tend to try to avoid controversial, political or non-travel related opinion in these pages. As such, and since we’ve been spending most of the last two months at home in Colorado there hasn’t been much “blog-worthy” activity on which to opine.

Sure, I could write about our dentist visits, or visits to the eye doctor or our annual physical exams. I could write about our covid boosters or my shingles vaccine. I could write about the great conditions in November at Vail for the three pre-Thanksgiving days of turns I logged. I could write about our binge watch of Dead to Me on Netflix and lament Christina Applegate retiring from acting or my reading of Fire and Blood, the prequel to Game of Thrones, or the oddity, bizarreness and creativity of The White Lotus on HBO, but is that why you really come here?

So, suffice it to say that since our last posts on Halloween in Las Vegas or our visits to the Concord Bridge, Monticello and Mount Vernon while we spent a couple of weeks on the east coast not much excitement has been filling our days, but there’s been plenty of contentment, good reports on the health front and thankfulness for our family and friends.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

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