Fall Sports

As we prepare to return to the USA for a while, we have mixed emotions about our departure. It sure is hard to leave a nearly perfect place, but we are going to another. We will miss the beach, the rugged cliffs, the waves, the spectacular shoreline, our lovely little town of Cascais (and the cost of Portugal living!). My golf handicap (finally) continues to fall back to where it belongs as I head towards the coming snow of Colorado. The upside… fall sports.

While I am able to keep in touch with the sporting world of the United States from Europe, it sure is a lot easier to not watch everything on recordings. The NFL football season kicked off last Sunday, the baseball playoffs are around the corner and hockey season is soon to follow. While the Patriots look weak and the Red Sox are done, the Broncos show promise and the Colorado Avalanche return to defend the Stanley Cup. Not to mention the World Cup.

Fall is, and always has been, my favorite time of year. The changing of leaves, the cooler days, the crisp nights and sports. We will miss Portugal dearly over the next several months, but are very excited to return to friends at our other home, and I – for one – am excited for the best time of year for professional sports. Bring on fall!

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