Ode to Eire

Having recently returned from nearly three weeks with nearly perfect weather on a nearly perfect circuit of the island I’ve been reflecting a lot about Ireland and the Irish.

As I look back upon my life at some future point in time, I will no doubt remember fondly our three weeks here. The verdant fields, the dramatic cliffs, the quaint villages of colorful homes, the pristine beaches. Everyone seemed so happy and it’s easy to see why.

When we came to Dublin years ago, Melissa had read somewhere that 33% of Irish people believe that leprechauns are real. We were somewhat taken aback by that statistic. 33%?! But if you really think about it, it’s kind of beautiful. That in such a magical looking place, its people have the faith to believe in magic.

I’d always been a bit amazed at how much Irish Americans love Ireland. Some of my friends of Irish heritage return and return and return. I never got it. But after three weeks on the little green island, I do. I feel like it’s a little secret and now I’m in on it.

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