20 Years On, Never Forget

Twenty years ago this week, the United States laid witness to and victim of a horrific terror attack on its soil. Nearly all of the world united in outrage and brotherhood in its anguish for the victims and anger towards the cowards who piloted airplanes into office buildings killing thousands who were just on their way to work or see a family member or who were just sitting at their desks, starting a Tuesday.

Together, Americans joined in grief and sadness and wept. Together, Americans sought understanding and failed to find it. Together, Americans hugged, cried and remembered. Together, Americans were mad. Together, we took off our shoes to get on airplanes and packed toothpaste in small containers. Together, we joined to do whatever was asked of us which was, sadly, too little.

Twenty years later, the attack is another airborne one. This time, from nature. Sadly, Americans have failed this test for togetherness and have rather fought over protecting healthcare workers, teachers, the immunocompromised and children in the name of some unexplainable freedom from a piece of cloth.

If only we would come back, together, like we did twenty years ago this week and seek to care for one another, to loving thy neighbor, to seek humility and compassion over individualist beliefs and selfishness. We are better than this. Wear your mask, get the vax, do your part and never forget.

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