Vote (aka Election Day should be a National Holiday)

While we were not supposed to be in the USA at this point and while we had done our research for what would be required to vote as ex-pats overseas, well… you know what happened. So here we are, at home, awaiting the results of the most contentious election cycle either of us can remember. And yes, we already voted.

Colorado has been mailing ballots to registered voters for several years. So long that I can’t remember anymore when they didn’t. We used to vote in person, but our work schedules didn’t always support that. I personally loved going to the polls on election day, but that didn’t always work out so this new mailed ballot process works quite well for us. Its easy, its safe and we trust it. So much so, that it is a little head-scratching to us as to what all the hubbub and hullaballoo is about. However, I guess we can see how if the process is new and untested in a state and being rolled out for the first time during COVID that it could be an issue. That said, we wish more energy, publicity and focus had been placed on how to make it work vs. how not to during a pandemic. And, despite the fact that our ballot is mailed to us, we’ve always driven to a drop box to drop it off, which works really easily and well here in Denver, Colorado because of the availability of those official ballot boxes.

Our election process sets America apart. The sanctity and safety of our election system is so vital to trust in the process that its distressing when we see overt attacks on that process and its safety both through political discourse and disinformation and through attempts by foreign governments to interfere. One person, one vote and trust in the system is essential to set us apart from other places where the vote is not trusted and elections are not perceived as legitimate. And yes, even though it means with our current national demographics our elections come down to a few swing states, we also support the electoral college to give Wyoming and Vermont their say in the process. As such, we voted strongly no against the Colorado ballot measure to give our state’s electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

So, regardless of the result and regardless of who you vote for: do it. Its important. And, more importantly, regardless of the outcome and if your guy or gal wins or loses, please respect it peacefully, diplomatically, civilly and graciously. Our country needs that and to come together now more than ever.

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