High Mountain Movies under the Stars

To break our recent routine up a bit (since COVID began, more of our time has been spent re-engaging in the workforce than traveling or planning travel which means more nights at home both to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work and for virus avoidance) and we decided to head out this past week to catch a movie at the local drive-in theater.

Sitting aside the Eagle River and with rocky mountains as a backdrop, this drive-in is far from the teenage hotspot of The Outsiders, Grease or my own youth. The High Mountain Blue Starlite drive-in in Minturn, CO is definitely worth a visit.

Once the sun went down, taking with it the visible haze and smoke from wildfires burning 60 and 100 miles west, the screen comes to life and with it the bromance of Elliott and E.T. returning us both to our childhoods as we watch shooting stars (perhaps Perseid Meteor related?) and deer grazing in our tail-lights.

The Blue Starlite is a gem of a find in a gem of a town which we are set to explore more post COVID when things start to return to normal (for now, our explorations are mostly limited to drive-through on our way to the Leadville area for hikes). Shows run over the course of summer and if you happen to be in the Vail area at that time, add it to your list of to-do’s.

Note to readers during COVID era: make sure you check out their current strict social distancing guidelines on their website. No admission if you’re not willing to play by the rules.

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