World Gone Wild

So what do travel bloggers write about when you can’t really travel places or go see things around the world?

Well, you could write about the cruelty of a pandemic that kills indiscriminately but mostly takes out the elderly and compromised.

Or you could write about how bandanna and mask wearing in the public interest for health’s sake has become some kind of nutty political commentary about freedom.

Or, I suppose one could write about the economic devastation which has been heaped upon so many as evidenced by unemployment claims and miles long food bank traffic queues.

And I guess now one could write about peacefully executed protests and rioting and looting engineered by opportunists and extremists on both sides against a heinous and cowardly crime committed by one supposedly sworn to protect and serve.

Dear 2020 and dear God. Enough already. It’s time for more sense of community, more solidarity, and more kindness, compassion and caring and less inflammatory divisiveness from our leaders and talking heads.

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