Watching the Clock

By Melissa.
My watch broke right before all the craziness started to happen and when I could get to the mall to have it repaired going to the mall no longer seemed like such a good idea.  Those who know me well know I’m pretty obsessed with time.  I’m irritated when a meeting starts one minute late or runs two minutes long.  I pride myself on time management, it has been key to success in my professional life.

I will admit that I looked forward to being less time obsessed, but even when we spent two months setting up shop in Portugal I always had an eye on the clock.  There were still many things to do in a day, they were just different things than I did in a workday and I needed to stay organized and thoughtful of time management in order to get it all done. 

There are many things that have challenged all of us during this crazy pandemic but, for me, one of the biggest shifts I’ve needed to make is how I perceive time.  We still keep busy, but there is a limit to our productivity.  We read, work on hobbies and projects, do some work.  We tried to discuss changes to our trip planning but stopped.  There were just too many unknowns.  I’m trying to tell myself to take advantage of the opportunity to do less.  For the most part, I’m successful.  I have my moments when I am saddened by the gigantic wrench in a carefully planned dream but they are actually very seldom. 

When I think about how this pandemic has impacted our lives, I’m mostly thankful.  I’m thankful first and foremost that, at least as I write this, my family and friends have been spared.  I am so thankful for and proud of my friends and colleagues battling this virus, risking their lives every day, trying their best to manipulate supply chains to get needed resources, quarterbacking staff to keep everyone safe and save lives.   I’m also thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with friends.  We all have a little more time on our hands and are using it to say hi, check -in and send love. 

Despite my obsession with time management, finding the time to keep connected has always been a weakness.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to do better.  So, for now, we’re hunkered and, like everyone else, praying to all the gods that those who we care about stay safe.  We have no idea when our great adventure will begin but, for now, I’m learning to live life not on the clock.  Who knows, maybe after this is all over, I’ll continue to forgo the watch and desire to check it constantly.  Nah.

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