There’s No Place Like Home

Yes, Dorothy, you were right. After two months away, as we touched down at Denver International Airport and watched the sun recede behind the rocky mountains we had that same feeling we’ve always had when Colorado embraced us after a trip for business or pleasure elsewhere. While we totally love Portugal, adore our Portuguese experiences and are excited to return later this year, there truly is no place like home.

We returned to Colorado a little more than a week ago to do some work, reconnect with friends and enjoy a little bit of winter. A little bit of winter, for sure. Denver wrapped us up in its unseasonably warm temperatures and dry climate in our first week back. We took long walks and enjoyed the late fall/early spring-like weather to its fullest.

After acclimating to mile high altitude for several days we sought out true winter weather and escaped the city to the mountains for some skiing, snowshoeing, apre-ski hot tubbing and snow. Colorado’s amazing variant weather provides for warm weather in the city and winter in the mountains at the same time and its one of the many reasons we love it so much.

But mostly, we love our people here. We are reconnecting, catching up and enjoying every minute of our time back home before we return across the pond to our newly adopted home in Portugal.

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