Breaking with routine(s)

For about thirty/twenty five years (for me/Melissa), with the exception of vacations and holidays, we’ve done the same thing on Mondays. Go to work.

That might have meant going to an airport to fly somewhere for a day or week or going into an office or going upstairs to a home office. But it was going to work. Sometimes it was exciting and invigorating. Sometimes it was mundane and we had to be dragged, but it was a thing we did. It was a purpose.

Tomorrow is different.

For the first time in several decades, Monday is like any other day. No Sunday blues today. Today could be a Monday or a Thursday. They’re all the same.

So how do you create a purpose when every day offers the same potential to be a fantastic day filled with new experiences and opportunities or a mundane, boring day on which you don’t capitalize?

I guess we will see.

For nearly every Sunday on which we have been home over the last several years, we’ve taken a long walk (weather permitting) and had lunch at the same spot. In fact, we go on streaks where we order the same thing every time we go. We mix it up from time to time, but after a mixing of our order, we usually stick with the new order for a while. That may sound dull and boring but we’ve really enjoyed it. We are creatures of routine and this felt familiar. So, today, we follow that routine, but tomorrow is anything but routine and the next several Sundays we bid adieu to this routine because we can’t do it. We won’t be here.

So bring on the Mondays and Sundays and Thursdays. We are ready for something new. Will it become routine?

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