World Gone Wild

So what do travel bloggers write about when you can’t really travel places or go see things around the world? … More

The post COVID kids

My work life was divided, simplistically, into pre-9/11 and post-9/11. Pre-9/11, airport “security” was not super secure. Shoes remained on, … More

Watching the Clock

By Melissa. My watch broke right before all the craziness started to happen and when I could get to the … More

Surreal Spring

Spring is usually a time we really enjoy. Evenings get longer, snow yields to flowers and budding trees. Birds chirp … More

Unprecedented times

We are in unprecedented territory. Stores closed, concerts canceled, Broadway and Disney World closed, museums closed, schools closed, people shifting … More

Live Your Life (and sanitize)

In a week where the US government’s continued botching of and mis-messaging of the coronavirus outbreaks, we’ve been comforted by … More

Irrational Fear?

As a career-long project manager, my motto always was control what you can and mitigate the risk of what you … More