World Cup

I have to admit, I’ve never been much of a football (soccer) fan. I played (if you want to call … More

Giving Thanks

Well dear reader, I hope those of you in the USA had a wonderful, restful and peaceful Thanksgiving. I often … More

End of a Wave

Regular readers will know that we refer to each time we leave home, until we return home, as a “wave”. … More

Fall Sports

As we prepare to return to the USA for a while, we have mixed emotions about our departure. It sure … More

Dapper, in Green

Sometimes, when you fly, you just get lucky. I’m not talking about a seat upgrade, or something as routine as … More

Ode to Eire

Having recently returned from nearly three weeks with nearly perfect weather on a nearly perfect circuit of the island I’ve … More

Swim to the Ladder

Nothing like a short stint in the hospital to help you appreciate and reinforce all you have in life. I’m … More

In Portugal, We Fix Afib

Overshare #2 on the way…. Last fall, I developed Afib. It started off relatively occasional and manageable, with short-lived bouts … More