Naples – It’s A Lot

By Melissa Yesterday was my dad’s birthday.  We spent it in Naples.  He lived here for several years back in … More

I am not Ukrainian

By Melissa I am not Ukrainian.  My mother was 100% Norwegian and my father, we don’t really know, but the … More

Life is Too Short

I read this (below) in the New York Times daily (now three times weekly) COVID newsletter. It seemed a fitting … More

The Murals of Lyon

Lyon France has the second most murals of any European city only to Berlin. They pop up out of seemingly … More

Super Bowl Monday

Living 5 hours ahead of the east coast of the US, 7 hours from our other home and 8 hours … More

And So It Begins…

When I think back a few years, pre COVID and during our full-time-work lives, many winter Sundays were spent thinking … More


I guess COVID will find us all, eventually. We’ve been two of the most careful people you could be: truly … More